Meet your perfect match - A team passionate about making transport work better for all

We are a Zac, Samuli and Telmo, and for 8yrs we've be been working together at the intersection of transport, deeptech and sustainability. We're privacy advocates, and believe that a data led approach to the climate crisis and decarbonising transport is the most resource efficient way out.

For too long we heard too many complain about EVs, their lack of range and claims about the missing infrastructure. We'd worked long enough understanding individuals’ mobility lifestyles that we knew this to be a perception problem. Just as we knew we could solve this at scale, because it needed to be.

Due to the cumulative effects of GHG emissions, we recognise that preventing the emitting of CO2e and GHGs today has a compound benefit meeting 2050 or even 2040 NetZero targets. And we're impatient about accelerating Megaton scale changes this side of 2025! Because this is the decade, we impact the future for generations to come.

EVs are the answer to ICE cars emissions and the toxic regimes, economics and geopolitical risks hydrocarbons support. But a 1:1 swap won't make our roads safer or less congested. More public transit, EV sharing clubs, walking and cycling choices need to be part of our mix too. Mobility made more comfortable, convenient and affordable for ALL. Unlocking the social uplift and access to more opportunities. A transport system for an equitable society and the planet, because transportation is the mission critical cog to any well-functioning economy.

We’ve won several industry awards, showcased at COP26 and launched technical firsts. Along the way our work has led us to serve and collaborate with local authorities, national transit agencies, transport operators, car companies and more. In every case, we take a bottom-up data-led view of the world at the heart of the process.

But more than anything, we're excited for the future of transport and looking for the right partners to make good stuff happen!