Feasibility Assessment of Organization's Transition to Fleet of Fully Electric Vehicles


Many nations are currently preparing to impose restrictions on the use of combustion vehicles internal in the next 20 years. At the same time, companies will have in the coming years financial incentives from states to replace their fleets in anticipation of those changes.

If your organization needs to replace its fleet soon, betting in an internal combustion vehicle that may suffer from restrictions during its lifetime, or in an electric vehicle with the wrong requirements, could be financially devastating.


Relying exclusively on leasing companies or car dealerships to assess the feasibility of switching to EVs may result in purchasing vehicles that lack critical capabilities your organization may need for normal operations.

EVSerious consulting is the help your organization needs in this critical transition. Our service of Feasibility Assessment for Transition to a Fully Electric Fleet of Vehicles studies the mobility profile of an organization over a period of 3 to 6 months, after which we generate a very detailed report about the advantages and disadvantages of switching to EVs.

We also refer, in order of greatest suitability, which EV models are the best fit, so your organization is not affected by the normal car model bias of your usual brand, dealership or leasing company.

Changing your organization's vehicle fleet is a critical decision. The impartial experts of EV Serious are what you need to make this process go smoothly.